The Key to Limousine Etiquette

Limousine Etiquette

Renting a limousine service for a special occasion can be an exciting time, whether it is a school prom, bachelorette party, or a night on the town. A limousine offers a safe alternative to driving while allowing your party to arrive in class and style. However, renting a limousine involves some simple etiquette practices, which may or may not be outlined in your agreement. Here is a simple guide to limousine etiquette to help you relax and enjoy your event in a safe and respectable manner.

  • Respect your driver – Your relationship with your limousine driver is that of a business relationship, so be sure to be courteous and polite.
  • Be prompt – Limousines operate on a schedule like everyone else, so having your party on time and in the designated pickup spot will not only allow you to get to your event on time, but save you from being charged additional money.
  • Don’t engage in smoking – Most limousines have a smoke-free environment that prohibits smoking cigarettes and cigars in the vehicle in order to keep them smelling clean and fresh for other guests. If you use electronic cigarettes, be sure to ask the limousine company in advance as to what their specific policy is on electronic cigarette smoking. If your guests choose to smoke in the limousine, you will ultimately be responsible, so be sure to inform them in advance.
  • Practice acceptable behavior – This goes along with being courteous to your driver. While it is easy to get rowdy, out-of control behavior can lead to problems, not only with your driver, but with anyone else you may interact with. Here’s a few basics:
    • No verbal or physical abuse to your driver
    • No rude or lewd language
    • No physical altercations
  • No illegal drugs – It goes without saying that you are ultimately responsible for any legal trouble that is on the part of you or a member of your party. The same laws apply while riding in a limousine as they would any other place.
  • Don’t cause any damage to any part of the limo – A damage policy is standard in most agreements, be sure to understand the policy completely and be sure that you and your guests abide by it.

And last, but not least, there is the matter of gratuity. Your rental agreement should clearly state whether gratuity is included along with the rental, but it is common practice to tip your driver for exceptional service. Should gratuity not be included with your rental agreement, the standard rate for tipping your driver is 20 percent of the bill.

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